OUTsider is a multi-arts LGBTQIA festival based in Austin, TX.

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Our mission: OUTsider showcases LGBTQIA multi-art via unique festival experiences in order to educate and entertain the public as well as to support the creative endeavors of LGBTQIA artists.

OUTsider Film & Arts Festival

A MESSAGE FROM OUTSIDER’S ARTISTIC DIRECTOR . . . "Hello lovers, OUTsiders and lovers of OUTsiders! Give OUT Day is here! What is #GiveOUTDay? It’s a national day of giving to LGBT non-profits: A way to celebrate and support the incredible work our communities are doing, often in the face of seriously daunting barriers, including the financial. There are so many great LGBT non-profits to give your money to on Give OUT Day and, if you have the ability, I hope that you will. I also hope that OUTsider will be on your list. As friends of OUTsider, I don’t need to tell you that art is sustenance. It inspires, challenges, rejuvenates, and imagines magnificent new worlds into being. To the queer community, art has been a vital means of expression, community building, education . . . A way to make beauty (and trouble) in an often harsh and prejudicial world. A way to refuse silence and the status quo. A way to push the world to think harder and love deeper. A way to insist “we exist!” in the face of those who would keep our lives and stories in the shadows. For all these reasons and more, I believe that our little oddball, rule-breaking multi-arts festival is absolutely vital. But, OUTsider is also more than a festival. We aim to be an ongoing haven of support: An international sanctuary for queer artists and outsiders to dream, share, collaborate, and re-charge. We have so many ideas and BIG gay dreams for this little queer fest, but we need your help to make them possible." With love and gratitude, Curran Nault PLEASE consider donating to OUTsider for Give OUT Day by visiting HERE: http://tinyurl.com/p259eg7 ... See MoreSee Less

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